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domingo, 2 de maio de 2010

Esse NÃO é o original.. salvei o projeto, e agora não consigo abrir para arrumar, exclui o bom, vou ter que fazer tudo de novo!!!!!!!! :( Meu deeeeus. Mas assistam esse para vcs terem uma idéia! :) ainda tenho que arrumar umas coisinhas, tirar umas fotos, colocar outras, tirar o video com o jô. e tirar os erros de filmagem! esse eu tinha feito pra mim, para brincar de cineasta! e o que fiz para o intercâmbio exclui!! :( que sacoooo. Mas tudo bem. ah ainda tenho que gravar mais um video para colocar no lugar dakele que fala dos irmãos e foi gravado no quarto!. Já terminei a carta para a família tb! vou colocar aki embaixooo! beijooookas

Letter to host family!

My name is Zélia; I’m a twenty year old brazilian who lives in a small town called Pelotas. Here I live with my parents, Juarez and Léia, but I also have a sister and a brother. My sister Daniele lives in another state here in Brazil with her husband and her two little boys. My brother Emanuel lives here close to my house with his wife. I’ve had a boyfriend for three years and even though I know I’ll miss all of them a lot, I’ll overcome it because I know exactly what I want to do. I want to go to the United States to study and work hard! I’m a happy person who loves the family and pets, which is always helping the others, who everybody knows and likes. I’m also careful, responsible, funny, friendly, kind; I’m always open to learn and listen, and I believe its very important to respect the others' opinions. I like to practice sports such as, soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, row, riding bicycle, riding horse, walk, run, etc. I like to play games such as hid and seek, swing the statue, red light green light, hopscotch, etc. I like to read and more than anything, tell stories, listening to music, watch good movies, go to the park,going to the pools and beaches, cooking, writing, talking, and last but not least, languages! I have a drive’s license and I drive on the weekends with my dad’s car, I know how to drive, but I only have a little experience. I would love be your au pair because I really love kids and I’ll enjoy and work hard. I believe this program is perfect to me, because I’m a teacher of children, and I love English; I would love learn more English, to be able to come back to my city and open my own English course for kids! This experience will be unforgettable for us. I’m able to take care of kids and it’ll never get old creating activities to do with the kids, whether it be outdoors, indoors, summer, spring, autumn or winter. I’m preparing a book to take with me, the kids will enjoy it. I know how to deal with the kids and I love playing with them, I’ll do goal oriented activities to develop their abilities like hand-eye coordination, creativity, memory, and attention. Kids are amazing humans, the most sincerest and true. I know it’s not no easy to take care of kids, from my own experience, but I also know it’s very rewarding, and I’m prepared to do that. It’s fascinating how much we teach and learn everyday. I want to work hard, do my best, and learn the most that is possible in this year, I don’t want to bother the family and cause troubles, ever! I would love to be part of the family, help and be helped.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed.

With all sincerity and love

Zélia Borges Bezerra.

Aiiiiiiiiiii, eu digitei do "word" e estava lindo, agora ficou todo mal escrito, mas não dá bola. Porque depois é escrito a mão! :) beijooooooooookas

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  1. the most sincerest and true?! erro de digitação! tem alguns!! ehehe, vai fikar melhor no papel.